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Small Brown Bike – Dead Reckoning (2000) março 20, 2008

Filed under: post hardcore,punk,rock — somenoise @ 3:35 am

Pra galera do rolê do ‘post-hardcore’.

“Combining sheer bloody-minded intensity, raw energy and an unrivalled depth of emotion, Small Brown Bike have a sound all their own and provide a welcome break from an increasingly uniform post-hardcore/emo sound. Simply, this has everything: real emotion, real musicianship, real creativity, real depth and real passion. People often find it hard to categorize this band, but it’s fair to say that if you like your music heavy, your feelings on show and your lyrics intelligent then you’re going to like Small Brown Bike.”
—Kerrang / June 2001 (5 out of 5 K’s.)

1 Like a Future With No Friend 2:20
2 Sleeping Weather 3:47
3 See You in Hell 3:15
4 The Vacuum 3:06
5 More or Less 4:33
6 My Own Disaster 3:21
7 This Ship Will Burn 4:15
8 Hideaway 2:49
9 Unsung Zero 3:49
10 Kingfisher 3:55
11 I Will Bury You in Me 5:32



4 Responses to “Small Brown Bike – Dead Reckoning (2000)”

  1. elho Says:

    eu não sei falar inglês, traduz ai.

  2. somenoise Says:

    nem precisa, baixe e seja feliz 😀

  3. bruttuslabareda Says:

    isso é muito bacana, caras…

    quem tiver mais, por faor, suba!

  4. canhota Says:


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